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NOW SELLING! “Sweet Heat Delight” Peach Habanero Marmalade

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Our deliciously sweet treats are great additions to any meal. Savory or sweet will benefit from the extra sweetness and the heat of products like our Peach Habanero Marmalade.

This is a sweet marmalade that brings a bit of heat to the palate. It goes extremely well with cheeses like Brie, white cheddar and others and is perfect for cheesecake, which was the dish that inspired this quest. The heat coats the throat just before the cheese cools it. The sweet goes well with the flavor of the cheese.

The marmalade also goes well with pork tenderloin; I’m hoping to hear of success with other proteins like chicken. There are also drinks being concocted with this sweet heat!

It is not made with corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup. It is sweetened by sugar, honey, orange juice, and pomegranate molasses, which gives it a perfect tang. It is preservative free and uses only one processed ingredient, fruit pectin, for thickening.

It is also much healthier than many popular marmamaldes with only 10 calories per tablespoon and lots of fruit in each bite! View full nutritional details!

Our First Batch 10-28-2013

Our First Batch – October 28, 2013

Batch #1 made!! Thanks to my wonderful wife for helping sweat through 5 hours of toil! 164 jars made in varying sizes! And a big thanks to The Crown and Goose for supporting me in many ways! If you are in Knoxville, do yourself a favor and stop in for a great meal with great people!!! More updates to come! Shopping cart and on-line ordering will be up next week!!!

Batch #1!
Batch #1!

View the step-by-step pictures here!

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